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US Consulate Meeting – Information Correction

I received a call this morning from the Chief of the USCIS section at the US Consulate, Mr. Hichem Kefi.  He said that my blog post on November 15 called  US Consulate Meeting on International Adoption has some errors in it.  He wanted me to know that he is not leaving in December.  He said he has purposely not stated when he was leaving and he hopes to overlap some with the new Chief.  He did not say when the new Chief would be coming to Haiti.  I apologized for any incorrect information but somehow I had in my notes that he was leaving probably sometime in December.  So someone said that sometime during the meeting and I wrote it down.  He says he will probably not be leaving until sometime in 2015. 

He also told me that Mr. Polny is not his replacement as I had stated.  I am very thankful for his call and for him correcting my  blog information.  I want to always give you  correct information which is why I take notes at this meetings.  I have since corrected the blog post and hopefully, that information is now correct.

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