God’s Littlest Angels

USA Company Donates to Charities through Food Purchases!





Giving back to your community never tasted so delicious.

Schwan’s Home Delivery offers over 350 delicious foods, flash-frozen at the peak of freshness and conve­niently delivered to your door. Through Schwans-Cares.com, you can order from Schwan’s Home Delivery and help our organization meet its fundraising goals. When you order by October 19th 20% of product and 40% of e-certificate sales will go back to the organization . In addition, Schwan’s will contribute 5% of all orders to our organization for the rest of the year!

Several of our donors order from Schwan’s home delivery service.  They have wonderful ice cream, meat, vegetables, and snacks!  It is the first thing I order when I go to the USA to visit!  One of my favorite items is the Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel Poppers!  If you get some, eat one for me!

                                                                                                       ~ Dixie


Here are two ways to support GLA! 

Only by buying online through Schwans-Cares.com or over the phone with a credit card will it count toward support of God’s Littlest Angels.

Order Online:

1. Visit Schwans-Cares.com
2. Click on “Find a Campaign” on the home page
3. Enter Campaign Name or ID: God’s Littlest Angels 14360 into the search box and click to open the campaign page
4. Click on the “Fundraisers” tab at the top

5. Find this name: JEAN BELL  and select
6. Click the “Support Now” button
7. Shop!

You can also Order by Phone :

Call 1-855-870-7208 and provide Campaign ID: 14360
and Fundraising ID:34206


This is a yearly event that Schwan’s Foods organizes to help support non-profits in the community.  We are so thankful that they do this and very thankful it helps the children at GLA. If you use Schwan’s Food Home Delivery, please take the time to order online and help us help the children of Haiti!



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