God’s Littlest Angels

Warm Generosity

Living in Thomassin we had some chilly “winter days” or “rainy season chills”, but for the most part long sleeved shirts and long pants made up only a 10th of the kids’ necessary wardrobe. At Fort Jacques we are blessed with beautiful fresh breezes, and a light misting or dense roll of damp clouds at some point almost every day. The temperature drops low enough at night to produce a blanket of dew over everything in the morning that drips off the minty green tin roofs. It’s a magical forrest kind of feel, but also a bit of a shock to the body’s senses on those mornings when you are “breathing smoke” as the kids say.

We didn’t have a lot of thick blankets, fleecey pj’s, jackets, long pants, or even socks… since we had a very limited need for them. But over the last 4 months at FJ they have become 90% of the kids wardrobe. THANK YOU to everyone made (we got some very lovely quilts), sent, purchases, and brought down enough of everything to stock us up with enough clothing and bedding to comfortably care for 45 children! That’s no small deal, and we certainly appreciate the efforts of EVERYONE who showed us the warmth of your kindness and generosity in this way!:)




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