God’s Littlest Angels

We Are Moving But We Need Help!

We are moving in July!  We have already started packing boxes of things like books and toys. We have already taken several loads up to store at Fort Jacques. But to prepare everything for the move, we need help from skilled work teams.  We need to drywall, tile, and paint a three bedroom apartment so that the office and some of the staff can move into the apartment in July.  

We also need to finish two small one bedroom apartments for our single staff.  We need to put in electrical, plumbing, build a couple of walls in each, tile and paint to have them ready by July. These tiny apartments (less than 500 sq feet) must be ready when the babies move to Fort Jacques so that the staff can move with them!

If you have any skills, can you come and help us get these apartments ready for the move? We just do not have enough hands to get it all done in time.  We are praying for God to send us workers, extra hands to help with the labor! Come for a week, a month, or even two!

If you are interested in coming, please contact Laurie or Jean at Volunteers or GLA USA OFFICE.  You can also call Laurie at 719-638-4348. 

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