God’s Littlest Angels

We are moving the Toddlers to Fort Jacques in November! Teams/Volunteers Needed!


We have one opening that just became available for a volunteer from September 29 through October 13.  If you are interested in coming to volunteer for two weeks please contact volunteers@glahaiti.org or call 719-638-4348.


We have one opening for a team from August 18 through 25.  If you have a team ready or know of others who would like to come with you for a week to work at GLA, please contact us.

We are also looking for some teams or volunteers to come and help us get the Toddler Houses at Fort Jacques ready for the children.  We have 5 months to finish the school, build a director’s home, and landscape the playground.  We are going to need volunteers to get it all done!  The children must be moved to Fort Jacques before the 1st of December since our rent is finished on their current home on that date.

So we need some framers in September, Electricians in September/October, painters in October/November. and people to help landscape the Toddler Area whenever you can come!

We will also need some people in November to help move the kids up to Fort Jacques!  (no special skills needed just a strong back!)

 If you are interested please contact volunteers@glahaiti.org or call the Colorado Office at 719-638-4348.

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