A baby receiving care in our NICU


So much has happened at GLA in the last 6 months, lots of good things but also lots of emotionally and physically difficult situations. At times, it has felt almost like we were under spiritual attack. But we are always aware that we have God as our Protector and He has cared for us and has brought us out of all of this trauma, stronger, healthier, and ready to get back to work. John and Dixie are both doing well now and Dixie will be travelling back to Haiti in the next month.

Peek a Boo!

We have 57 children at GLA. Seven are in the NICU. Twenty percent of the children are at GLA for assistance. They are either premature babies, sick children, or one or more parents have a problem and cannot care for them for a short time. These children will return back to their families once they are healthy or the family crisis is over. We do not charge the families for the care that their children receive at GLA. We even have the mothers stay with the babies in the NICU and give them free room and board while they are with their babies.

Twins are common in Haiti and very special.

Years ago, the funds we received from adoptions were used to help cover food and childcare expenses but we do so few adoptions per year now that we cannot count on those funds helping us with the costs of keeping the orphanage running. In the last 6 months, we have completed only 4 adoptions.

Some of our babies have special needs.

Today, we depend on donations to care for the children. Donations pay for food, medicine, childcare supplies such as soap, shampoo, diapers, etc, school costs, and salaries for our staff. We depend on your help to care for the children. If we do not receive donations, then we cannot take in children to help.

We need your help today! We need money to buy food this month and pay salaries. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to feed the children and help pay the workers at GLA. We cannot do this without your help!


And Life in Haiti Goes On…

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