God’s Littlest Angels

We need funds to move the babies to their new home. Can you help?

When we let you know of our need for some extra hands and some skilled workers, we received several inquiries from people wanting to help.  Now thankfully we have a few extra volunteers coming in the next month to help with the building that needs to take place before we can move the babies to Fort Jacques.  We want to thank everyone who is coming to help.

The building part of the move is also going well but we are running low on funds to keep preparing the buildings.  We have two small storage buildings being built with tiny apartments on the second story.  The bottom of the buildings will be used for medical supplies and food storage. The apartments above them will be for the staff members. The apartments are only about 450 square feet inside but great for one person. 

We need to prepare two of the toddler houses for the babies.  Extra electrical outlets need to be put in place for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, walls need a new coat of bright baby colors, and fencing to keep the babies from falling off the concrete walkway need to put in place.  We have decided that plexiglass is probably the best product to use and the crawlers and climbers can’t climb the slick and clear plastic.

We also need to complete the pouring of the second story on the food depot.  We need to put on the roof, do the plumbing and electrical for the building.  Thankfully, P&C Ceramic who donated the tile for the school building is donating the tile for the storage buildings.  We need to buy two inverters and batteries for those houses.

We need to get some bedding for the babies and the staff moving to Fort Jacques.  We need to set up sewer and water systems in the houses. This is all more than we expected even with volunteers doing a portion of the work!  Please we need funds to help get moved up there.  We need your help now.

To make our July moving deadline, we need donations.  Would you consider making a donation today so we can continue the building and moving the babies to Fort Jacques as soon as possible?

We truly cannot do this without your help.  Join our efforts and be a part of our move.  We are all running around like crazy trying to get things ready.  We have visitors here wanting to work.  

Please help us keep our visitors busy by donating funds so we can buy building materials to keep them on sight and get the babies to Fort Jacques within the next 5 weeks!   I do not like begging for money except when it comes to our children, and I’m pleading with you to make a small donation to help us get the rest of our babies and our household to Fort Jacques.  I know God is going to provide but I also believe He uses you and me to get His work done.

Psalm 82:3-4 
Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. 

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