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We Need Help for Sebastien!

We need your help to send Sebastien to Minnesota for medical care.  He has a chance to get additional surgery on his feet so that he can walk without help.  Sebastien needs $ 2000 to cover the cost of his trip out and back.

Sebastien just turned 11 years old on the 12th of June.  Many of you have followed his story for the last few years since he came to God’s Littlest Angels.  Sebastien was born with bilateral club feet.  Both of his feet turned inward and he walked on the outside edges of his feet.  His mother had placed him in an orphanage in Leogane because she could no longer care for him.  She wanted more for her son than to stand alongside the road and beg for money to live. 

He has had multiple surgeries on his feet here in Haiti and they still are not right.  He is back to using a walker at times and even using in a wheelchair at times! This could not go on and we do not want Sebastien confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  So we decided that we needed to find help for him outside of Haiti.

Months ago, I put out a call and many people responded. We even had a doctor say his practice would do the surgery but then it’s going to be such a specialized surgery that he recommended we try to find someone with more experience in this type of surgery.

Amy Tweedt, director of the agency God’s Children, in Minnesota has championed Sebastien’s case since the very beginning.  She contacted me about him back in 2011and I told her about the orthopedic children’s hospital where he could have his first surgery done.  She was instrumental in getting him transferred to GLA after his surgery.  After Amy heard about the need for a new doctor, she was determined to find a doctor who was able to do his surgery and she did!

Sebastien is scheduled to go to Minnesota to Gillette Children’s Specialty Care for evaluation and surgery as soon as we can get a visa for him to travel to the USA.  He might be there as long as 6 months and we pray that he can walk without any aid at the end of the treatment!  We are still praying for a family to adopt Sebastien, too.

Please if you have ever met Sebastien and sat with him and enjoyed this bright and vivacious little boy, help us get him to Minneapolis for his medical treatment.  Would you consider making a small donation to pay for Sebastien and his escort’s airfare and visa?

Donate HERE to help Sebastien get the surgery he needs!

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