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We Need People with Construction Experience to Come to Haiti Now! If We Do Not Get Help, We Cannot Move in July.

This is Dixie and I’ve been out of Haiti for the last 6 weeks with severe back problems and so have not been here to help at all.  I just returned to Haiti on Friday and I’m feeling the stress of trying to make sure we get moved to Fort Jacques and have a place for the babies and the staff to live. 

If You Have a Skill for putting up drywall, installing doors, finishing bathrooms, installing electrical outlets, installing kitchen cabinets or figuring out how to barricade a railing so our babies don’t fall through it to the concrete below, then we could use you in Haiti…NOW!  

We are moving to Fort Jacques by July 31st.  That is coming up quickly and we have no work teams coming to help.  If you are an individual with skills and would like to come, we will find you a place to sleep.  If there are 5 of you who would like to come, we will make that happen too!  We need people!  It’s really hard to get things finished when we do not have enough people to do the work.  Holding up a board and nailing it, takes two people most of the time!  Our Haitian staff is super busy building staff housing and storage rooms with cement and block.  They are working 6 days a week trying to get this completed.  We need help then finishing the inside of the rooms.

Please if you can do some of the mentioned construction projects, consider coming to Haiti for a week, a month, or whatever it takes to get the building completed and us moved!  If you are skilled labor and can pay your airfare, we will feed you!  

Of course, the day of the move, we may need people to just hold babies on their laps as we move them up the mountain to Fort Jacques!  If you can come, contact Laurie or Chelsie at volunteers@glahaiti.org or call them at 719-638-4348.

Please make the decision to come to Haiti and help us.  We have been praying for God to send the people we need as soon as possible.  Let that someone be you!

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