God’s Littlest Angels

We Need Some Special Workers! Could That Special Worker Be You?

We need a couple of workers to lay Ceramic Tile in the house where we are moving the GLA offices.  Anyone willing to come down and lay the tile so it will be ready for us to move into the house?

The house  will also be used for staff housing. We need this done very soon since we are moving the offices up at the beginning of July.  The house is about 2,000 square feet on one level.

We are asking for volunteers who can pay their own airfare if we provide room and board while you are here.  Any takers out there?  

If you are interested, you can call the US office at 719-638-4348 or write us at gla-usa@glahaiti.org.  

We desperately need your help!  Come help us get everyone moved to Fort Jacques by the end of July! 

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