God’s Littlest Angels

We need your help. Can you give a donation today?

We desperately need your help! More and more babies are coming to GLA for assistance. The parents cannot afford to pay for a hospital stay for their baby or the cost of a doctor’s visit. They come to GLA because we have always taken premature, malnourished, and sick children that needed care if we can provide the care they need.  We never ask families to pay because they only come if they cannot pay elsewhere.  Once the children are well, they return to their families.

To continue taking these babies in, we need funds. After Christmas is always a slow time for receiving donations. We ask that you pray about sending a donation now so that we can continue to take in babies who need help.

We are having problems paying for diesel for the generator, water for the cisterns, and paying our employees this month.  Please consider Donating Now and helping all of the children at GLA and especially the ones who are here for assistance. 

We are able to make a difference only with your help.  Please Give!


Jamesly Arrival and Today












 Christina on admission

                                  Manitha Today





Ruth on Arrival

                                      Ruth Today





Thamara on arrival

                            Docilia today










Nadia on Arrival two weeks ago

                                  Nadia today


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