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The needs of the orphanage never stop.  The kids need medicine, hygiene products, food, schooling supplies, and clothing.  We need funds to pay teachers, nurses, nannies, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, laundry staff, drivers, adoption staff, and construction workers. We need to buy propane to run the stoves for cooking and dryers for drying the clothes.  We need to buy diesel to run the generators so that we can run equipment for working and for keeping some of our babies alive when they need incubators and oxygen.

I wish that I never had to ask for funds to run God’s Littlest Angels.  I wish that the funds just automatically came in and covered all of the bills.  But that is not reality for us.  God wants us to bring our needs to your attention.  He wants you and us to pray for the things we need daily.  He wants us to depend on Him and not our own works!

Please, we need your help.  We need you to pray with us that funds will be sent to provide for all of the needs of the children at God’s Littlest Angels.  If you were thinking that you might send a donation soon, please let that be today!  We have bills that are due in Haiti for fuel, medicine, and supplies for the children.  It truly is overwhelming at times.

God’s Littlest Angels was started with a vision that John and I had in 1994 to help premature, malnourished, and abandoned babies in Haiti.  It has grown into a ministry that has helped thousands of children and their families over the years.  Everything that GLA has accomplished has been through prayers and funds from you, our sponsors and donors.  We are His feet only.  These children are God’s children that He allows us to love and cherish for him.  We are his arms and his kisses.  Sometimes, we have to bury a child, then it’s God’s arms that hold us and support us in our grief.  We all are a team working to do our best for the children of Haiti.

Join us as part of God’s work force in caring for and helping the children.  

Please make a donation today.

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