We need your help: Please Pray for Haiti

Sent from the US Embassy in Haiti this morning:
Local media have announced protests in Port-au-Prince and throughout the country for October 28, 29, and 30th. Consular services will be limited to emergency services for American citizens on October 28.

At least the protestors warn us ahead of time! They started early this morning with barricades and throwing of rocks, but thankfully one of our staff members, who is leaving the country, was able to make it to the airport this morning. She left at 6:45 Am even though her flight wasn't until 3 PM. It is not good to be on the roads after mid-morning.

Haitians burned an American flag yesterday which has not happened before. They are mad that the US will help stop this. Previous Haitian presidents have stolen money from the fuel fund and the fraud here is outrageous. People are tired of it and just want it to stop!

I know that everyone is tired of hearing about one crisis after another in Haiti. But this is definitely a crisis! Some are calling it a civil war. People have given and given for one crisis after another.  But we have over 50 children who need us to care for them. Due to the increase in prices of everything, we need a bigger budget to buy water, diesel, food, and to pay salaries.

Some days, we can find supplies but the costs have almost doubled! Delivery trucks cannot reach the markets some days. Lots of supplies are imported and they are sitting in customs. Several days, the roads down to Petionville are blocked and our drivers cannot get down to the city at all. The president lives between us and Petionville which is another problem because the demonstrators like to protest at his road here on the mountain.

Please pray for Haiti, the people living and working here, and all of the families unable to feed their children due to the rise in the cost of food! The media talks about people killed or hurt during the protests but children are starving, people cannot find health care because hospitals are closed or already full, and doctors cannot get to the hospitals to care for patients who are already there due to roads being barricaded! Patients in the hospitals do not have the supplies that they need to get better, medications and oxygen might be delivered, then maybe not also and the protestors do not care. Even ambulances and doctors trying to get to hospitals for emergencies are being stopped and sent back. Something has to change!

They say unless the president resigns that this will go on until at least January 24, 2020 when the Senators and Deputies' seats expire. Then there will be NO government and the president can rule by presidential decree! Not sure how that will help the opposition? They are adamant that they will not stop! People will have a very difficult time surviving that long and of course, it's the weakest who are affected the most! The children and the elderly will be the first to show signs of malnutrition and die if food cannot be found. In 28 years, this is the worst demonstrations that I have seen. Usually, things like this are very short lived but not this time.

A mother came on Saturday with a 15 days old baby. She has 3 children and she said the father had died. She wanted to give the baby to us but I just could not take it. I found a little bit of money to give her to help her buy food for the 3 children at home and gave her some milk for the baby because she said she had no breast milk. Sunday, I received a call from a biological parent who had given her son up for adoption 10 years ago, she had a friend with a 3 year old son that they could not feed and he was sick. Would we please take him? I could not take him. It broke my heart that I cannot help all of them!

I am afraid that we will see more children coming to our gates in the coming days. In 2004, we had 16 children come in one week for assistance when Aristide left Haiti! Right now, we cannot take in more children. We are struggling to feed the ones we have. We are fortunate that God has provided for GLA packets of rice that we can use and we have a few chickens we can butcher for meat. We are very thankful for these things.

Please consider making a donation to GLA's general fund and please commit to praying for Haiti, the children, the doctors and nurses, GLA and our staff and children. Pray for the protest to stop.

We are overwhelmed at times. We need your prayers. God is our rock, our foundation, but sometimes we grow weary...

And Life in Haiti Goes On...

And Life in Haiti Goes On...

Dixie Bickel R. N., the orphanage director and co-founder, writes about what is happening in Haiti, new kids at GLA, the status of adoptions, the progress on Ft. Jacques and the challenges of life in Haiti.

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