Running an orphanage and school for the children is expensive.  Just providing the essentials like food, water, medicine, and supplies takes constant fundraising each month.

Donations have dropped off for the last 6 months.  I do not know why donations have been less, whether it’s the economy or just lack of interest, but God’s Littlest Angels has been struggling!  

We need to pay our diesel bill, our water bill, buy food and diapers, and pay our staff.  God always provides a nice donation just when we need it.  He always does but then it’s always a struggle to keep receiving the donations that are needed monthly to pay the bills and keep taking care of the children.

We are struggling and we need you!  We cannot care for these children without your help. More and more babies are coming to GLA for assistance and then returning home to their families. We want to keep our doors open to these children.

Please make a donation to help us care for the children and pay our bills.


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