We’re Almost There! – $10K Matching Campaign Update

  • 10K Matching Campaign


We are almost there! With your help, we've raised almost $7500 on our way to $10K! This past April, an amazing family approached us to raise support for GLA and is planning to match up to $10,000 in donated funds. Your donation will be doubled! Every gift, no matter the amount, helps us reach our goal.

Your donation will go directly toward--
-A family with a sick or premature baby receiving assistance at GLA
-Clean drinking water for the children
-Medical care and vaccinations for the children
-Diesel for the generator which is instrumental in running incubators and oxygen concentrators for our premature babies 24/7
-Meat purchase which allows us to combat the effects of malnutrition by maintaining a sufficient level of protein in the children's diets

You can give by clicking anywhere you see a the Donate button on our website, or go there now - https://www.glahaiti.org/donate/. Fill out the form and check the box that you'd like this donation to be put toward the $10K Matching Campaign.

Thank you again to the family who is making this campaign possible and to all of you who continue support GLA with your prayers and faithful giving!

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