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We're Moving!


Well that little ticking time bomb clock on the home page is a little alarming and a lot exciting at the same time!!!  Two weeks from today half of GLA’s children’s ministry will be moving.  And not just like we have in the past “outgrown our facility and needed to temporarily relocate to a new place”  but we’ll be moving GLA’s older children’s ministry to a new permanent home for them.  Not to something that will make do, but to a village of colorful cabins, surrounded by tall pines with fresh mountain air, an indoor activity/dinning room that can hold them all at one time, full sized classrooms with large windows for natural lighting, an amazing playground, and toilets!! So many toilets:)!!  We’ve made a few visits to the new site with some of the kids, and at least one with every child so the vibe around here is excited anticipation. They know where they’re going and no one seems to be nervous or hesitant.  

While the Fort Jacques crew and all their hands on deck have been diligently and exhaustingly pushing to have everything safe and ready for us by the end of the month, we have been packing, preparing, and slowly moving things up as they OK space by space to be “finished”.  We’ve packed and moved up everything that is not needed on a daily daily basis.  Even the kids’ beds have been moved up as the staff up at FJ are sanding and giving them a much needed fresh coat of paint.  The kids are having a large “slumber parties” every night, since the double bunks are now individual mattresses “jigsaw puzzled” on the floor for everyone to sleep on til we move.  


All the spare clothing, sandals, bedding, etc are in lofts above the kids cabins, and though we held back just enough of what we thought we’d need til we got there sandals are breaking at a very rapid rate, and now that I don’t have easy access to our spare anything suddenly everyone has outgrown their church shoes or can’t find their sweatshirt jackets:)  So many things will be changing for these little ones in the next few weeks, and they are embracing it with enthusiasm and joy.  They’ve all pitched in, scrubbed bins, carried loads, packed the trucks, and helped get ready to move to their new home.  


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