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When It Rains, It Pours!…and other news!

Today was a good day at IBESR.  I think they are tired of seeing me and answering my questions.  But I am NOT giving up and maybe if someone from GLA just keeps showing their faces down there, we will get good news soon!


I was able to get 3 children moving through the system.  These children had been “stuck” waiting for a document because no one in IBESR really knew what they wanted!  We ended up going to the courts and asking for 4 different documents!  Finally after my meeting last week with one of the lawyers who everyone said would decide what finally was needed, we went back to the court and received the paper they asked for.

We sent those documents for the 3 children down to IBESR yesterday with our adoption worker. He turned them into the adoption office for one of the lawyers there, but when I talked to him this morning before I left, he said the secretary had taken the documents.  Right away, I was scared that they would be misplaced if not put directly into the dossiers.  So today, we refused to leave the adoption office until they found those documents and it’s a good thing we did because they were in the drawer of one of the lawyers!  They would never have thought to put them with the dossiers if we had not taken them back and took them to the office where the dossiers were stored. Now, the documents are with the dossiers and the dossiers have been taken to be reviewed by the lawyer and then signed.

The families who were stuck in dispensation are in the director’s office but the lawyer who works in that office told me today that he was too busy with unexpected meetings and did not find the dossiers yet.  He will work on that today and give me a report on Monday.  So keep praying and let us hope that Monday he actually follows through and gives me GOOD news for those families.

There are some other dossiers waiting for signatures and we are praying that they come out very soon.  We only have 12 children in IBESR waiting for signatures and I need lots of prayers from all of you that they will be finished soon.  Please join me in praying them through IBESR! 


Haiti deposited her instrument of ratification at the Hague Permanent Bureau on December 17th, 2013. 


Britany Smith, our nursery nurse, is on vacation for two weeks.  I told her that as soon as she left, we would probably get a really fragile preemie, well, we received FIVE babies under 6 pounds!  The babies range in weight from 2 pounds up to 5 pounds 3 ounces!  Along with trying to keep up my own work and visiting IBESR so much in the last 10 days, I am also in the nursery at night trying to keep up with medications and IVs!  It has been a while since I had to do this, so I didn’t mind it too much, but I am going to bed early tonight and try to catch up on some of my lost sleep!

Christina was borChristinan on 3 January 2014.  She was brought along with her mother by the clinic personnel at Samaritan’s Purse located in Cite Soleil.  She is just a little one but is doing very well.  She didn’t want to eat at first.  The mom has lost 6 babies and so we are going to keep Christina for a little while until she is very healthy and weighs enough to hopefully have a better chance of surviving when she goes home. 



Lovemika was born on the 6th of January 2014 and is from Cazele and the staff at Real Hope for Haiti sent her and her mother to GLA.  She weighs a little over 2 pounds and has been pretty fragile.  She was having period of apnea when she first came but stabilized fairly quickly.  She is still on oxygen but her IV came out today.  She just started drinking from a bottle and can drink now without her oxygen decreasing.  The mother is pumping her breasts so that we can give Lovemika her mother’s milk in a bottle.  I am hoping that early next week, she will stable enough to nurse.

twinsChristellie and Christeline were born in December.  They are a month old.  They were seen at clinic in Cabaret and the clinic staff asked if they could come to GLA with the mother until they are a little bigger.  They arrived around 7 PM last night.  The mother is with them.  Both the mother and the babies are HIV positive.  We are giving the babies a bottle for now.  The mother did receive medication during her deliver in the hospital in Cite Soleil and the doctor there put the babies on an oral anti-viral medication.  

The girls are identical and we tied a string around the wrist of one baby so we could tell them apart!  One weighs 3 pounds 15 ounces and the other weighs 4 pounds 1 ounces.  They are just so cute and have lots of hair.  The mother is young and I think she is out of her element here at the orphanage.

 All of the above babies are here for assistance and will return home with their mothers when they grow and get stronger.

When I was down at IBESR today, the social workers in the abandoned unit cornered Magaly and I and wanted us to take a couple of babies who were HIV positive.  The medical staff at General Hospital do not like to keep these little ones any longer than they have to due to all of the diseases floating around in the hospital.  Magaly told them we would take one but I told them we would take both of them because I know it’s difficult to find orphanages who will take HIV positive babies.  Both of the babies look to be very healthy so hopefully their HIV status will change to negative soon. 

Since early this week, they had talked to me about a four year that was abandoned at the hospital.  She had a prolapsed rectum that would come out when she strained or cried.  So today, they asked me again if I could find help for her.  I told them that I would look around at clinics and hospitals to see if any medical teams were here who could help.  Well, they decided to bring her too! 

Rose ClaraRose Clara is such a cute little girl abandoned at General Hospital in Port-Au-Prince.  She is the size of a 2 year old but talks so well.  They are guessing her age, so we will probably get an xray to see if they can give us a more accurate age for her.  She came in to the orphanage and when I asked her if she wanted to stay with us, she said “oui”.  The she said, “I want to go to school!”  I guess the IBESR social workers told her that they were taking her somewhere so she could go to school.  She will make someone a beautiful little girl.

She has been somewhere where she has helped around the house.  When a baby cries, she tells whoever is holding the baby to give it the breast!!!  We already love her a lot!


Sadrac was born on the 23rd of December 2013 and weighs a whopping 8 pounds!  He is also an abandoned baby. He is healthy and has beautiful soft hair.  He is very alert and looks around at everyone.  He drinks the bottle well and I think he will do just fine here at the orphanage.


LifanoLifano (where does IBESR come up with these names???) was born on the 25th of December 2013 and weighs 5 pounds.  Lifano is abandoned. He seems to be just a little premature.  He is not as bright and alert as Sadrac but he was also cold when he arrived at GLA.  His body temperature was down to 96 F!  He takes takes a bottle well but takes a little more time to feed.  I am sure that as he warms up and grows a little bit more, he will gulp down his bottle just like Sadrac!  LOL

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