God’s Littlest Angels

Where's the cake?

I certain spunky unique little princess turned 5 today!!! What a milestone, I remember 5 so well, I was no longer four fingers, but “A whole hand!” Perhaps five is too old to still be holding up fingers when asked by a stranger how old I was, but I happened to be a bit shy and it was easier than speaking;). This spunky little princess did not live at Toddler House last year at this time, she made the move up from the main house in the spring so this would be her first birthday celebration with us. I was excited, probably even more so than her, because it would be the first time I got to bake and decorate a cake for her. I told her this morning that it was her birthday and asked her what colors she’d like her cake to be (all the kids get to pick two colors, something my mother let us do as kids and let’s face it, as “mothers” we all do much of what we do based on what was done for us.) Faland was giddy, and her ever moving body did a little extra jig when she found out that it was her special day and her party would be later that afternoon. She chose red and pink and I set to work creating a masterpiece for her(or at least make something that would sufficiently impress her). Candles placed, finished before 9, I left it in the middle of the kitchen table where no ants would find it until she was free from school. One thing led to another and the day started slipping by. Every child at Toddler House gets their own cake, new birthday outfit, and gifts to celebrate their special day. Well when Faland was on break from school I called her up to try on her new outfit. She slipped it on and in true Faland style did a pirouette swivel and giggled at the way she felt in her new jeans and top. I told her to go up to her room and have a little rest and when quiet time was over she could come up for cake and presents. Well…. An hour later I called her up for her celebration… she ran in breathlessly excited, and Joyce received her with open arms while I frantically searched everywhere for a missing cake!! I panicked and Joyce came to help me look. I knew I hadn’t moved it, where could it possibly be. After a failed search effort Joyce bent down in front of Faland… “dear, have you seen your cake?” To which Faland confidently and radiantly expressed, “yes, I ate the whole thing!!!” It seems because this was her first party, she had thought that the “party” was simply receiving a new outfit and grabbing a cake on your way back out through the kitchen to share with your friends. I was the only one who seemed saddened not to have candles and a song, she simply eyed the wrapped gifts sitting there waiting for her, and we enjoyed “Part 2” of turning 5 together after a brief but tasty intermission.

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