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Who I Am and Why I Exist!

Here is a post written by our NICU nurse, Emily Smith, RN.  Emily came to us to be our full time nurse.  God’s Ways Are Perfect and He knew that we needed Emily here at GLA.  We have received so many preemies since Emily first came in September and she has put her heart and soul into caring for our babies.  

I know that what she wrote below will touch you like it did all of us!  I can say that most of us at GLA feel like Emily.  We exist for the children in Haiti.

On this last day of 2016, please help us continue to take in children like our little premature babies who need that extra special medical care just to survive.  We have so many children right now who are here for assistance and will return back to their parents when they are well.  

Your donations make that possible! Please give to help the babies at GLA.

Emily Smith, RN wrote:

Wiljamesky was crying last night, and I couldn’t figure out why. He had just eaten quite a bit, he (for once) didn’t have hiccups, and I had just changed his diaper. What reason did he have to be crying??? 

He never cries unless he’s in pain or occasionally if I’m late with his bottle! So I reached my hands through the holes on the warmer, and I picked him up. He stopped crying. My itty, bitty, baby boy, who has been fighting for his life, wanted to be held! 

All I wanted, at that moment, was to pull him to my chest and hold him tight and love him. The next best thing was to stand there, him on one side of the warmer, me on the other, separated by plastic, with other babies crying to eat and my bed calling my name, and hold him in my hands and run my fingers through his hair. 

We stood like that for several minutes, and I watched his heart rate and oxygen quickly level out. It was incredible. A couple of days ago, I felt my baby giving up. He didn’t seem to want to live anymore. I wasn’t sure he was going to be with me much longer. 

Last night, in the middle of the night, he asked to be held. This is what makes all of the hard days and the stress and the rollercoaster of emotions and the sleepless nights worth it. 

This is why I’m a nurse. This is why I’m a missionary. This is why I exist.

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