Maegan & Clarence Bridges were scheduled to get here this past Sunday, but due to the substantial unrest and violence in Haiti, they've been stuck in Fort Lauderdale. We've worked hard to help them get flights rescheduled...and then rescheduled again. We've hired Maegan and Clarence to take over for Joel and Ingrid Rockemann as they prepare to leave Haiti. We're asking that you'd join us in praying for their safe arrival tomorrow morning so that they can begin the turnover process with Joel and Ingrid.

Maegan will be serving as the Children's Home Director and Clarence will be GLA's Director of Social Media and handling various IT functions at the Fort Jacques campus. Maegan is a certified teacher and has more than extensive experience working with children, to include counseling and as a psychological examiner. Clarence is leaving a job as an IT technician and has previous experience in construction as well. They are both excited to get started here at GLA and we're overjoyed that they've chosen to join our team!

GLA is trying to help with some of these unforeseen expenses due to their extended travel time (lodging, rental car, food, etc). If you're interested in helping GLA and Maegan & Clarence defray some of the associated cost, you can do that by donating via the DONATE NOW link below. You can simply give to GLA's General Fund or you're also able to annotate that you'd like to give directly to Missionary Support (then choose "Clarence & Maegan Bridges" from the drop-down menu).

Thank you to everyone who continues to help GLA's mission succeed and thank you to Maegan and Clarence for being brave as they start a new adventure here with our team! We're so excited for you to get here!

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