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God’s Littlest Angels facilitates the development of healthy kids, empowered families, and stronger communities while sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ.





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About God's Littlest Angels

At God’s Littlest Angels, we believe that healthy and flourishing children are an essential key to creating strong families and better communities. We strive to provide excellent comprehensive medical, emotional, physical, and educational support to the most vulnerable in Haiti. We pray that God will change Haiti and the world through these children!

Upcoming Projects to Fund

Join us on this milestone journey over the pivotal next 30 years: For almost 30 years, God’s Littlest Angels has walked closely alongside Haiti’s most vulnerable children in their time of greatest need. We have witnessed miracles, saved young lives, and built an enduring foundation of care through storms and trials.



We believe every child deserves hope and a brighter future - you are the key to making that difference. Your financial gifts, time, and skills help pave the path to a healthy home and brighter future. Together, we can provide healing and lasting change for Haiti's most vulnerable through medical care, family preservation, and community aid. Spread awareness, fundraise, volunteer - join us in bringing hope and love to God's Littlest Angels in Haiti.

Get to Know Us

Serving Haiti's children for over 29 years, God's Littlest Angels provides specialized medical care and family services focused on solving the orphan crisis. We began as a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to serve premature and sick infants. Our recent evacuation and relocation due to gang violence provide us the opportunity to develop a full-service pediatric health facility and support network for vulnerable children. We are excited to bring our years of success and experience in providing lifesaving medical treatment, child wellness, and more to a new region in Haiti. We work to unite children with loving families and give them the chance to thrive. God's Littlest Angels has been transforming young lives in Haiti since 1994. Join us and be part of the story of hope.

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