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For almost 30 years, God’s Littlest Angels has walked closely alongside Haiti’s most vulnerable children in their time of greatest need.

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Our Journey to 30

Join us on this milestone journey over the pivotal next 30 years

For almost 30 years, God’s Littlest Angels has walked closely alongside Haiti’s most vulnerable children in their time of greatest need. We have witnessed miracles, saved young lives, and built an enduring foundation of care through storms and trials.

Now, as we stand on the cusp of 30 transformative years in Haiti, our sights remain firmly fixed on powerfully impacting the next generation.


That driving vision has led us to launch Journey to 30 – a forward-looking campaign that invites you to propel our mission into the next era. Built around four bold pillars, Journey to 30 provides a roadmap to accelerate our full-circle child advocacy model, touching every phase of a child’s development - from emergency rescue through reunification and family stability.




Right now, across Haiti, hundreds of orphaned children languish absent family ties that bind hearts for a lifetime. Children longing to know a mother’s love or their father’s affection.


That is why God’s Littlest Angels is launching The Journey Home campaign to end 2023 – a bold endeavor to facilitate the ethical, safe reunification of 38 orphaned children with their biological or foster families. Moving them out of an institutional orphanage model and into the nurturing embrace of family care like God designed.


In close partnership with social work experts, The Journey Home will raise support to fund:


  • Family tracing to identify and locate biological relatives

  • In-depth assessments of relatives’ fitness and training capacity

  • Customized family prep & transition plans developed by expert Social Workers

  • Funding for urgently needed home repairs & upgrades

  • Vocational training, agriculture help, food, and tuition aid to equip parents


Study after study affirms that children belong in families - thriving best surrounded by a loving community of relatives. The Journey Home makes that dream a reality for 38 young lives in 2023.


But this monumental initiative requires substantial support. Estimated costs are around $6,000 per child for the initial reunification, setting a goal of $250,000 for “The Journey Home.” Will you give generously to launch these forgotten children home to the families they’ve lost but longed for? Let’s bring them home for good.



Strength through Family - Equipping Families to Thrive


At God’s Littlest Angels, we believe that empowered families create strong communities that lift the next generation. That’s why the Strength through Family initiative aims to empower and equip families in need.


When children exit orphanages into relatives’ care through our Journey Home campaign, many parents lack resources to provide stability. Strength through Family funds custom 3-year family support plans including:


  • Emergency food assistance

  • School tuition coverage for all school-age children

  • Small business training, microloans, and agricultural support to boost family income

  • Parenting coaching and social worker counseling access

  • We also provide tailored vocational training and job placement assistance to promote parents’ self-sufficiency long-term.


Our goal is sustainable, comprehensive support that makes reunification successful. We walk side-by-side with families through every phase of the transition. Strengthening families today creates first-generation graduates, entrepreneurs, and homeowners as these children blossom.


By investing holistically in families, we aim to break cycles of poverty and family instability plaguing Haiti. Empowered families yield strong communities where kids can safely grow, learn, and thrive. Help us empower families to change their destinies.



Open the Clinic - Expanding Access to Pediatric Care


Too often in Haiti, a child's treatable illness or a family medical emergency leads to the devastation of family separation.


Lacking access to affordable quality healthcare, desperate parents frequently relinquish children to orphanages - unable to navigate and afford medical emergencies alone. It's heartbreaking and entirely preventable.


That's why the next phase of our Journey to 30 is Open the Clinic - a bold initiative to renovate a 12-room pediatric health facility providing lifesaving medical care to families in the southern region of Haiti.


As veteran medical providers with pediatric experience, God's Littlest Angels is uniquely equipped to meet this immense need. We have witnessed hundreds of traumatic stories that might have ended differently with earlier intervention, and we’ve seen countless babies and children saved through timely care.


Now, we are mobilizing to offer accessible, compassionate care in a new area of Haiti, including:


  • Pediatric clinic for common childhood illnesses

  • Malnutrition treatment programs

  • Rotating specialty services (dental, eyecare, etc)

  • Vaccines

  • Medical education information


Delivering healthcare with excellence keeps families together - saving lives close to home.


We envision the Open the Clinic initiative as an integral ministry pillar for decades to come - welcoming the hurting and offering healing in Jesus' name. Will you help us lay this vital cornerstone along Haiti's 30-year Journey?



Closing the Care Gap - Expanding Care Over the Long-Term


Delivering quality, affordable healthcare to vulnerable families is a vital step of the “Journey to 30”, but the needs in Southern Haiti go far beyond our initial pediatric clinic.


Mothers facing high-risk pregnancies lack access to NICU services. Children requiring medical devices post-discharge have nowhere to convalesce. Preventative dental care remains an unaffordable luxury for most.


That's why the final phase of our healthcare initiative is Closing the Care Gap - pursuing an expanding vision over the long term to bring comprehensive medical services directly to communities in need.


In the final step in our “Journey to 30”, our goal is to progressively close the gap through:


  • Providing NICU, Step-Down, and other needed facility space

  • Rotational Specialist Visits from dentists, optometrists, and more

  • Developing a Southern Haiti Referral Network between medical facilities

  • Delivering Mobile Clinic Outreaches to Remote Areas

  • Expanding Services Like Vaccinations, Diagnostic Imaging


We will continually assess and add offerings based on the families we serve - fighting to increase medical access across every phase of a child's development.


By broadening care and collaborating regionally over the decades ahead, we can help Haitian families thrive long-term by eliminating healthcare gaps - saving and preserving families throughout the 30-year Journey.



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