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Journey to 30: Growing Impact with Gratitude and Purpose.

GLA celebrated 29 years of caring for vulnerable children in Haiti this past Christmas. As we look ahead to the next phase of ministry, our Journey to 30 initiative aims to reunify children and support family-based care, expand our impact, and share the love of Jesus with more children and communities in Haiti.

Our Journey Home program focuses on reintegrating the 38 children under GLA’s direct residential care back to biological or foster families. We believe a nurturing family provides the best environment for a child to grow and thrive. We are excited to see the impact of your generosity as it expands to families and communities, making a difference that ripples across the country.

Through our Strength Through Families program, we also plan to build parenting capacity and equip families to stay together through training, customized support partnerships, and empowerment strategies. We aim to prevent future abandonment and orphanage placements by empowering families and communities.

Opening the Clinic will involve renovating a 12-room facility outside Les Cayes to offer expanded medical services to those in need. The local community and school will benefit from various services, starting with primary pediatrics. Quality, affordable healthcare is pivotal in keeping families healthy and united. 

Closing the Care Gap engages the community leaders in conversation as we identify the additional medical needs. We want to grow our clinical offerings even further - with a priority on NICU and step-down care. A large part of closing the care gap involves developing relationships with other medical ministries in the area to establish a referral network. This will allow each ministry to focus on its strengths and prevent overlapping services while covering the existing gaps more efficiently. We also aim to identify communities that can benefit from mobile clinic offerings.

Ultimately, we seek to serve children, families, and communities through medical care, family empowerment, and reunification. Our long-term goals are to create a replicable model and position ourselves to deploy additional sites in other parts of the country in partnership with local organizations in those regions.

We are tremendously grateful for our committed donors who walk faithfully with us on this journey. Only by God’s grace and timing have we seen 29 years of caring for precious children in Haiti. As we carry forward the vision for 30 more, we pray for guidance to steward our resources wisely and be the hands and feet of Jesus where needs are greatest.

The road ahead is long, but with purpose, we take determined steps to grow the impact of this mission. Please consider joining us as we aim to uplift children, empower families, and strengthen communities for years to come.

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