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Empowering Change: Various Ways to Make a Difference and Help Children in Haiti with GLA


You can help save children’s lives in Haiti by volunteering your time and skills, supporting financially, or participating in active projects and fundraising. Your efforts can provide education, medical care, and opportunity for a brighter future.

GLA’s Greatest Need

God’s Littlest Angels has the opportunity to minister in a variety of ways and the immediate needs of our children and surrounding community are constantly changing. Contributing to the greatest need allows your donation to make the greatest impact possible.

Community Outreach

Combating the orphan crisis proactively requires engaging the community and community leaders with education, training, and often identifying service needs. This can include workshops, mobile medical clinics, and disaster response assistance. Engaging communities to be a part of their own solutions is empowering and generates momentum toward self-support

Sponsor/ Support a Family

GLA Guardians (family sponsors) provide food, education, job training and agricultural support as well as secure housing as part of a mutual agreement to help children thrive in their own family setting. This helps to foster success at the family level, proactively engage the orphan crisis, and break generational cycles of poverty and its effects.


You can leverage your time and skills to save children in Haiti. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer with us, both onsite and remotely. Contact our office staff at for a current list of volunteer opportunities and positions.

Medical Sponsor

Many of our children face difficult medical situations, ranging from malnutrition to Down’s syndrome. Medical sponsors play a crucial role by providing access to therapy, medicines, specialized equipment, and prosthetics. Medical sponsorship gives each child the best chance at a healthy and thriving future.


The prayer team intercedes for God’s Littlest Angels - as a Christian mission, we are constantly seeking God’s will for our ministry. Prayer team members receive a monthly prayer guide with daily focus topics for prayer.



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