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A Story of Adoption- The Hamm Family

Terri was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension shortly after she and Ron were married. They longed to start their own family, but pregnancy combined with pulmonary hypertension is potentially fatal. It was a risk they were not willing to take. Their love for children and the desire for family led them down the path of adoption and to the doors of GLA. Shiloh was just three years old when she met her adoptive parents for the first time. Shiloh at GLA in 2007

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.” 1 Samuel 1:27

Shiloh has grown and blossomed into an independent, loving, caring teenager. She shares a love of pets with her family; and she is so glad to be able to care for their family dog, Jewel. Although adoption is a blessing lingering issues can still remain. Shiloh has struggled with knowing and accepting that her biological family in Haiti still love her, while also knowing and accepting the love of her adoptive parents and brother. Sorting through those emotions and realities can be overwhelming at times, but Shiloh is thankful for the support her parents provide. She can also see how God has always been with her and that he loves her, even in the hardest times. Shiloh dreams of becoming a paramedic or a detective one day. She continues to study hard at school, and will no doubt be able to fulfill those dreams!

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