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Attitude of Gratitude – thankful in all circumstances

Attitude of Gratitude - Thankful in all circumstances Thankful…sometimes it is easy to get caught up in our circumstances and life’s challenges and lose a gracious attitude. Yet, the Apostle Paul tells believers in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that we should “give thanks in all circumstances”. Life in Haiti is a challenge; with recent activities exacerbating the difficulty of normal life. It is easy to get discouraged; but Paul directs the believer to be thankful “IN” all circumstances, not “FOR” all circumstances. The difference, while minor in wording, is massive in meaning. Believers are reminded that our current circumstances have no bearing on God’s providence. Indeed, God is “working all things together for the good of those who love God.” Those of us at GLA are grateful this season that God’s timing is perfect and that He is in control. We are grateful that He has blessed GLA with:

  • A dedicated and loyal staff

  • Generous Donors

  • Adoptive families around the world

  • Safety and Energy

  • Food and Daily Provision

  • The privilege to participate in His Mission in Haiti

Happy Thanksgiving from the GLA family to yours.

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