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Day 7 of no generator. One very long week.

Day 7 of no generator. One very long week.

The childcare, nursing, and support staff have been amazing. They have found a way to work around the inconveniences, though even more wearying than before. They do midnight and 4 am feeds via battery operated lanterns. They take temperatures and administer Tylenol by flashlight. They hand wash and hang dry the equivalent of 8 loads of laundry a day. They wake the kids at the sunrise, and bath and PJ them before it sets. They tuck them in with prayers by dim lantern light and wake to calm their fears throughout the night. They are incredible and we cherish their deep devotion and never-ending labor of love.

Thank you so much to everyone who has lifted us up in prayer for a solution to our energy issue. Thank you to those who have reached out and given financial support. Thank you as well to those who have inquired how they can help.

We have an answer. You can help by sharing our need with others, donating financially, or raising funds towards the purchase of a new generator.

We’ve had 4th and 5th opinions up to look into our problem and estimate how much power we need for the future. Ernst has been looking into all our options for a new power source this week. Trey Starnes, on the US board, has shared his expertise and has also been contacting vendors here from afar. We have quotes, we have time tables, and we have longevity forecasts. Though there is some urgency in finding a solution we did not want to make a decision that would only help temporarily and then have to revisit this problem again in the near future. With the proper sized machine and consistent maintenance, we believe we can keep GLA’s compound powered by the new machine for a decade to come.

Our long-term solution to bringing power back to GLA: Purchase a new 45KW generator, in stock at the vendor in PAP. Hire a mechanic to utilize whatever parts we can from our broken generators in order to rebuild one whole one for use as back up. Purchase and install a metal fuel tank with filter to replace the plastic ones that have weathered over the last ten years of use and been leaching water into the diesel supply.

Total quotes and labor estimation on these needs comes to just under $40K.

This is a huge number, and we know that to achieve it will require sacrifice and generosity of many individuals who are also walking through scarcity and sacrifice themselves as the global health crisis continues. Yet, as with Covid-19, we know that none of this is a surprise our God and we know that He will provide through you and through others. If you would like to help us bring lights, security, power, running water, and labor efficiency back to GLA please visit our website and make a general donation with a note for “energy”. As always THANK YOU for partnering with us and making the work of GLA possible.

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