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Exciting Announcement!

Though my heart is heavy for Haiti and our brothers and sisters around the world who are battling the hardships of the global health crisis, it is with great joy today that I’m writing to you as the new Executive Director of GLA. I am also thrilled to be able to announce that Dave Williams will be joining us in Haiti as the Director of Development and Fundraising. We are both so excited to work with the extraordinary staff, boards, volunteers, donors, and stakeholders of this life saving organization. We will be living in Haiti at GLA full time and devoting the next few years, Lord willing, to further develop the organization’s structure, efficiency, sustainably, and quality of care. We are honored to help lead GLA into a new era of growth and impact, improving on the services that GLA is most known and needed for in Haiti. Primarily, providing exceptional care and a safe haven to the smallest, sickest, and most vulnerable children of Haiti and their families.

Along with this focus GLA will also continue current programs already in place. This includes educational sponsorship of children in their local schools, as well as providing homes and family placement to children who have been removed from unsafe living situations by Haitian Social Services.

We will also diligently work to reconnect and help rekindle relationships between GLA’s past adoptive children and their extended families in Haiti. These children will always be a part of the GLA family, and we are thankful for the small role we have had in their story and are hopeful we can continue to assist them as they grow into adulthood.

GLA is not one person, or a few people, but it is the many thousands of individuals and groups who have come together over the years to be a part of something bigger than themselves resulting in a changed outcome of thousands of children’s lives for the better. Dave and I are so honored to help this impact continue to grow and thrive adapting to the needs of the infants and families we serve far into the future.

We want to take a moment to appreciate YOU and the role you have played in making GLA what it is today. We hope that you will prayerfully consider continuing with us and further investing in the work that is needed now more than ever before. THANK YOU!

To God be the Glory!

Have questions? We’d love to talk! Send us an email or line up a time for a call at your convenience.

Molly can be reached at; Dave at

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