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Fear, Inflation, Scarcity, and Adjustments

Dear GLA family,

The situation in Haiti has not changed much since our last update and the country is still in lockdown. We are struggling to get back to our normal schedule and daily activities, and have had to make many modifications in response to this dire situation.

Fuel shortage is widespread throughout the entire county. Gangs continue to confiscate fuel trucks, and the only way to acquire any diesel is to pay black market prices for it. This produces an extremely difficult situation when the entire country uses generators for electricity, which in turn, require fuel to operate. GLA is taking many steps to reduce our fuel consumption.

The price of items such as drinking water, food, and propane has doubled or tripled in the last month as well. Delivery of supplies within the country is much more difficult and it’s becoming harder to find necessities. Public transportation prices have soared recently as well, tripling the cost and making it impossible for some staff to even come in. Although GLA may be within walking distance for some, it is not safe for anyone to be out walking along the roads anymore for fear of kidnapping. Due to insecurity and high price of transportation, GLA teachers are now on a rotating schedule to accommodate for these challenges.

Please pray for Haiti. In these hard times we turn to our Savior for comfort and guidance. We are not alone in the midst of problems and challenges. We continue to still celebrate and praise the Lord for His provisions, His power and His protection over GLA. We praise the Lord for:

  • Providing food, water and electricity for the kids at GLA

  • Keeping the kids in a safe environment despite all of the hardships within the country

  • Blessing us with nannies, cooks, ground keepers; who are putting their best foot forward and working as a team to do God’s work

  • Normal activities such as school and church

  • Providing security and health for all of our 43 children and staff

In His service,

Creche Director

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