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GLA Herald Issue 3 (March 2022)

The GLA Herald - Issue 3 March 2022 The Official Newsletter of God's Littlest Angels

A Pacemaker for Sister* Sister* was born in 2014 and arrived at God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage at just seven months of age. In December 2021, doctors diagnosed Sister* with a symptomatic 3rd-degree heart block. As a result, her heart rate occasionally falls dangerously low, around 48 beats per minute. The expected heart rate for a healthy 8-year-old is approximately 90 beats per minute. Sister* needs a pacemaker, but unfortunately, hospitals in Haiti do not perform this procedure. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago has graciously agreed to help and is donating 30% of the cost. However, the procedure, tests, and hospital stay at one of the nation’s premier hospitals is still costly. We have several ways of raising money to bring Sister* and her chaperone to Chicago, IL, and cover her medical expenses. Any extra funds received will go directly to the medical needs of the 40 other children who call GLA their home.


Your incredible generosity is paying huge dividends around the Fort Jacques Campus the first few months of 2022! We've been able to finish, cap and repave our septic systems. We've remodeled our kids bathroom spaces; done much needed repair work on our vehicles, and we've begun purchasing medical equipment for our newly relocated NICU space! We've also updated and maintained our solar power grid and begun work on cubby spaces for our kids houses! From everyone on the GLA Team - THANK YOU

Mother's Day Fundraiser Looking for a unique and creative way to honor Mom this Mother’s Day? Donate to GLA in her honor this year! Every donation will go to save lives of children in Haiti. Donors will receive a Mother’s Day card (two styles available) custom-designed by Rosie’s Boutique in Haiti. (QUANTITIES LIMITED). Rosie’s Boutique is a fair trade organization helping tackle the orphan crisis, and we are thrilled to partner with them this Mother’s Day. Check out Rosie’s Boutique.

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