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GLA Herald Issue 4 (April 2022)

The GLA Herald - Issue 4 April 2022 The Official Newsletter of God's Littlest Angels

Easter at GLA

Easter is a symbolic time for us at GLA. We remember the death of our Savior and the suffering He endured. In the movie, The Passion of the Christ, a viewer goes through Mary’s emotions as she saw her son, the Savior of the World, tortured and crucified. Before the children come to GLA, they aren’t crucified, but they do suffer. They suffer from the lack of necessities – food, clothing, safety, and security. As dark and difficult as this reality is, “joy” does come in the mornin

g. As our Lord rose on the third day and ascended into heaven to be with his heavenly father, we at GLA also see joy as our children come through our doors. The joy that is felt to be welcomed and loved into an environment that not only provides the basic needs of infants and children, but also the love that all children need. We see the joy when children don’t have to worry about being hungry and having a safe place to sleep. We see the joy when kids can just be kids. We know we have a limited time to provide for these children and show the love of Christ. Our prayer is that GLA will be their “haven” during their stay with us. We see the resurrection story each and every day at GLA. We see the suffering and the joy, and we want to say thank you to those supporters that allow us to do our work.

The Director's Desk The State of Haiti

While the war in Ukraine rages on and the humanitarian crisis grows in Eastern Europe, Haiti is spiraling further out of control. While the international community focuses on the growing conflict and Ukrainian refugees, gang wars are raging in the streets of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding outskirts

. Rival gangs initiate firefights that

intensify throughout the region. As these gangs struggle to maintain and expand their control in various areas civilians are often casualties. Violence and kidnapping are continuing on the uptick; the country is incredibly dangerous and unstable amid the ongoing power struggle. This creates further strain on struggling supply chains in the country. Shortages and unavailability of necessary supplies are becoming a common occurrence. Please be in prayer for GLA that God will protect our staff, children, and facilities as well as provide for our daily needs. Additionally, pray for Haiti, the constant manifestation of spiritual warfare over the soul of the people in this country is beginning to wear on the people. Though Haitians are resilient people, many are starting to lose hope. We know that God is sovereign and we ask you to join us in prayer for his mercy and for a solution to present itself soon.

A Mother's Love

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s a time when we honor our mother or remember the impact our mother has had on our life. I couldn’t help but think about and acknowledge the sacrifice mothers make when they bring their infant or child to GLA. The sacrifice and demonstration of love they show when they know in their heart, they cannot provide the care that is desperately needed for their child. How tragic and loving at the same time. GLA’s mission is to bring care and love to those children that come through our door. But our work could not happen if it wasn’t for a mother that was willing to sacrifice it all for the love of their child. For this Mother’s Day, we have partnered with Rosie’s Boutique for handmade Mother’s Day cards. In this way, we can support mothers in Haiti that are working to support their families. Purchasing these cards provides support and care for a child of a mother that has given everything to ensure their child is cared for. We also have the opportunity to give our friends and supporters a unique card to honor their mothers. For this Mother’s Day, we ask that you support our efforts in supporting mothers in Haiti, the GLA ministry, and share this love with your mother or in honor of your mother. We are doing great things for these angels that come to our haven. We appreciate the support that you provide to keep this ministry growing and thriving on Mother’s Day and every day.

Prayer Requests

  • For peace for Haiti and an end to the gang control and violence that is surrounding Port-au-Prince.

  • For continued protection over the GLA campus, staff, and children.

  • For the courage to continue on despite the insecurity and violence within the country.

  • For God’s peace, love, wisdom, and unity as we work together at GLA.

  • For the NICU to reopen soon in the new space.

Praise Reports

  • Praise for *Sister’s US medical visa to the US.

  • Praise for the progress of NICU relocation and purchase of new equipment.

  • Praise for continued provisions of food, water, and a bountiful garden

  • Praise for the continued protection of the GLA campus & staff.

  • Praise for our new Creche director and Myriam’s safe return to the US.

Our children and staff are in need of some essential items. These can easily be purchased on Amazon (SMILE) and mailed to GLA. Click the link below to help provide these essentials! You can mail items to GLA via: Trey Starnes Missionary Flights International 3170 Airmans Drive – Unit 2081 GLA

Top Three Needs:

  1. Tegaderm transparent dressing/bandage

  2. Nature Made Kids First Multi-vitamin gummies with omega 3s

  3. Underwear: all sizes

Thank You to all of our GLA Family & Friends!!

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