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Mega Birthday & Pool Party

One word! FUN! Pool day should just be called “fun day”. It was such a great day for the children, nannies, teachers and all of us! It was not only a pool day, it was a mega birthday party. Myriam and her team spent the whole week preparing for the Pool Birthday Party. We had some essentials for the party, without them it wouldn’t be complete.

This is our mega list:

– Plenty of lovable children from different colored houses – Awesome nannies from different colored houses – Tons of popcorn – 5 different colored cakes with different icings – A lot of different colored syrup (grenadine, strawberry, lemon, orange, prune, grapefruit) and a lot of ice to make plenty of ice cones – Tons of gifts – A great playlist, because music is a must.

Give thanks to the LORD for He is good: His love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

During the preparation week the kids were so excited. They just couldn’t wait to have fun at the pool party. We started the party at 10 am singing “Happy Birthday” wholeheartedly to the ones that we were celebrating. Everyone had the chance to pick their own piece of cake, since there were so many different colors and flavors. They also had popcorn. Some of them who were feeling bold mixed their piece of cake with popcorn. Around 11 am after opening their presents it was time to jump in the pools. The kids went crazy. There was no hesitation, everyone was just speeding past the adults to jump in the pools and to climb up the stairs and slide in the water. This was Disney World level fun. You could see the joy everywhere. They enjoyed every second of being in the water.

The babies also had their fair share of fun in the baby pool. For Bryan* it was like a day at the spa. He was just sitting and relaxing in the water. For Angel* it was the best opportunity to splash and splash and never get tired of splashing.

When it started getting warmer it was time for us to open our “Fresco Stand”. In Haiti they call shaved ice cones “Fresco”. When the kids saw the syrups on the table they started placing orders. Molly was handling the blender, Myriam was putting the ice in the cups, Elange and Cherline were pouring in the syrups. We even had a popular fresco at GLA called “GLA Sweet & Sour”. The secret recipe is a combination of grapefruit, blackcurrant, and strawberry. All the kids wanted that and even the nannies were going to the fresco area just for the GLA special. The day was a great success! The kids slept hard that night, with dreams of next year’s pool party already playing in their heads.

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