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“Mom” a Simple Title that Carries the Weight of the World

Mom; a simple title that carries the weight of the world. A mom’s task is a never-ending cycle of care. They tend to our bumps, scrapes, and bruises while loving our tears away. They keep the house and our lives on track and on time. They manage meals, ball games, homework, and endless laundry. Mom loves hard, works long hours, and offers wisdom. Often the first awake and last to bed, she loves tirelessly, all to care for her kids. She is a steady force, an unmoving pillar to rely on.

But imagine growing up without your mom; what would life be like? Many orphans worldwide don’t know the care of a mother. Often, individuals step in to fill some of this void, sometimes through organizations like God’s Littlest Angels. Thinking about children waiting for “mom” on Mother’s Day is heartbreaking. The fortunate orphans are loved, safe, and healthy, but “mom’s care” is different.

At God’s Littlest Angels, vulnerable orphans are the heart of our ministry. We can’t replace Mom; no one can, but we work to love and care for each child like they were our own. For many of our kids, God’s Littlest Angels is the only home and family, they’ve ever known. A mother’s absence is a HUGE void to fill, and our nannies do a phenomenal job stepping into the gap, but you make it all possible.

God’s Littlest Angels is proud to provide love and care as our kids await their forever home, and we look forward to the day each of our angels experiences meeting “mom.” Your prayers, partnership, and support provide love and care for our angels – you step into the “mom gap” and provide a day of care!

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