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Sow A Seed

The Children at GLA began a new project last month; excitement filled the air as they made their way to the raised garden beds on GLA’s campus. The “Sow a Seed” initiative launched on a Monday morning in November as the children ages 5 and above gathered together alongside a few teachers and Nadia, an administrative assistant, to begin learning the proper way to plant a vegetable seed and nurture it into a garden. They began their time by discussing the importance of growing their own vegetables, then the children explored the resources and tools the work required, and finally heard how to start and maintain a garden. The children then went on a small walk to visit Gerard’s garden; and were amazed at the amount of cabbages he was growing on the campus at GLA! They asked many questions and couldn’t wait to begin sowing their own seeds.

This project, “Sow a Seed”, will help to provide additional vegetables for mealtimes at GLA; it also provides the children with unique, hands-on learning opportunities. Each child is the caretaker of their own small area of the raised beds; they are responsible for sowing the seeds, watering, pulling weeds, and watching the plants. They are learning practical lessons about growing food; but “Sow a Seed” also teaches responsibility, reinforces dedication, and emphasizes perseverance as the children work together to tend their gardens each week

We would like to thank Ginger Creek Community Church for helping launch the “Sow a Seed” project by donating the seeds used at GLA from their garden ministry. Ginger Creek’s partnership is providing opportunity for GLA’s children to experience gardening, find satisfaction in their produce, learn a skill set and help them develop their character while instilling work ethic and pride in a job well done. If your church would like to partner with us in future projects, please reach out at We would love to hear from you!

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