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“Super Star” – Successful Surgery and a Life Changed

Angel Update A BEFORE AND AFTER Super Star*

GLA Guardians: Sustainable Sponsorship GLA Guardians (monthly supporters) provide the sustainability we need to carry out our mission; enabling GLA to provide safety, security and shelter to each child in our care. These little ones come to us with many healthcare needs, traumatic pasts and many developmental concerns. By becoming a GLA Guardian, you are helping to change the life of a child in GLA’s care. Sign up to become a Guardian today.

All medical services in Haiti are paid for out of pocket, including therapies. Speech therapy for one child costs $150 per month. At GLA, we currently have 2 children attending speech therapy. Please considering partnering with us to help cover the cost of this life changing treatment.

Super Star* was brought to the gates of GLA by her mom at just one month of age. Her mom was desperate for help, as Super Star* was born with a cleft lip and palate and had not been drinking well from a bottle and wasn’t gaining weight. At GLA, she was able to drink from a specialized bottle in order to accommodate for her needs. Over time, she began putting on weight and growing well. She continued to grow and develop awaiting a time when she could have reconstructive surgery to repair her cleft lip and palate. Specialty surgery in Haiti requires long wait times. Thankfully, our Super Star* was able to have her cleft lip and palate repaired last August. She is doing much better, but the journey of recovery is long. She is talking well and loves to sing, but eating is still a challenge because of never learning the fundamentals of chewing food properly. We are so grateful she is starting speech therapy next week which will help her learn to eat and gain confidence in meal time. *Names changed to protect privacy

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