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The Celebration Begins...

Journey to 30 Celebration Begins: 

A Milestone Year for God's Littlest Angels

In December 2023, God's Littlest Angels (GLA) embarks on a remarkable journey, heading toward 30 years of ministry in Haiti. Nearly three decades of unwavering dedication to caring for vulnerable children, bringing hope, and saving lives in one of the poorest countries in the world.  This monumental milestone celebrates the past and a vision for the future—a journey called "Journey to 30."

Step # 1: Journey Home - Family Reunification & Foster Care

At the core of GLA's mission has always been the conviction in the importance of family. As we head toward our 30th year, our first focus is "The Journey Home." This initiative aims for sustainable success through family-strengthening efforts. Family reunification and foster care placements will transition GLA from a residential facility to a family care model. This approach provides a family for children to grow and develop in, reflecting God’s original design and based on a multitude of data pointing to the healthy family structure as the ideal locus for child development. We believe that every child deserves a loving and stable family environment. With intensive counseling, strategic and extended support, and advocacy, we're committed to reuniting children with their biological families whenever possible and uniting others with vetted and trained foster families. We are excited to be a catalyst for developing and expanding foster care in southern Haiti in partnership with Overture Outreach International and IBESR to provide a nurturing home for children in need.

Step # 2: Strengthening Families

To ensure the success of "Journey Home," GLA is committed to strengthening families in Haiti. Strategic partnership and skilled social worker assessments help determine custom support plans for each family. These plans offer training and resources to parents and caregivers, equipping them with the tools they need to provide a safe and loving home. Our support services will encompass everything from educational programs to medical assistance, empowering families to thrive together. Strengthening families includes business training, food assistance, housing upgrades or replacement, and more. Each family agrees to a reasonable set of requirements alongside GLA, empowering the family to create a better future alongside our organization without cultivating a cycle of dependency. The ultimate goal is to help the family reach their full potential and see them become fully self-supporting, breaking generational cycles of poverty and child abandonment.

Step # 3: Opening the Clinic

The Journey to 30 includes a route to GLA's original roots, and we're excited to announce the opening of a large clinic in Southern Haiti. Recently developed partnerships place GLA at the center of a new coalition for family preservation in Southern Haiti. By providing accessible, affordable, quality healthcare services to the local community, we can make a lasting impact on families and their children. Cooperating with several other organizations, like Overture International and Global Birthing Foundation, allows each organization to focus on its unique specialization. As a result, the measure of preventative care increases exponentially, and we can all work together to prevent the separation of families due to poverty, unexpected medical needs, and other factors. The clinic will serve as a beacon of hope, providing healthcare to the most vulnerable - operating on the front lines to keep families together while saving lives. 

Step # 4: Closing the Gap for Healthcare

Journey to 30 reflects God's amazing work through GLA in Haiti; more importantly, it is an assessment of immediate needs AND a vision for the next 30 years of ministry and miracles. One of the most significant needs in Haiti is pediatric healthcare - a GLA specialty. We are committed to "Closing the Gap" in southern Haiti by bringing our expertise to bear and expanding affordable, quality care in southern Haiti. We plan to offer pediatric medical services, preventive care and vaccines, and health education to bridge the healthcare disparities in the region. We are also working hard to create a referral system between regional medical organizations. Finally, we are excited to commit to plans to bring our NICU and step-down units to the region to close the gap in southern Haiti.

As we embark on our "Journey to 30," we invite you to join hands with us in making a difference in the lives of the precious children and families we serve in Haiti. Together, we can continue to shine God’s light in Haiti, bringing love, hope, and healing to those who need it most.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the year as we share our progress, stories of transformation, and opportunities for you to join this incredible journey.

Thank you for your unwavering support; we are excited to open the next chapter of love, compassion, and hope at GLA. Stay connected with us on social media and our website for more information and ways to get involved.

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