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We’re Getting so Close! Thank you!

Your generosity and immediate action is humbling! We feel your care and your concern and we are so grateful for your support especially in this time where we are feeling extremely isolated, as are so many of you.

We are at 75% of our goal for energy replacement and repair. This means we can buy a generator!!! However, before we install and utilize it we want to make sure that the fuel storage and filter system are in place to ensure we don’t do any damage to the new unit. If you have already given, THANK YOU! If you have not yet and wanted to still contribute to this “energy” project please feel free to do so. Your gift will go towards making sure the new generator can run efficiently at full capacity to provide lights, running water, medical equipment and so much more to our entire compound and all of us who not only work here but also call it home.

Also… on side note but Winston* is walking!!!! He’s been on the verge for 5 months and this week he took off like a sprinter. He’s using his new found freedom to get into all kinds of mischief, but none of us care because we’re just too excited that at 16 months old, after a tiny and difficult start in the NICU, he’s final reached this developmental milestone! We are SO PROUD of him! Thank you for sharing in our joy!

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