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We’ve officially joined the masses… in isolation that is.

I’ve been silent for a time. Partly due to an immense feeling of overwhelm, partly due to a never-ending list of needs, partly due to productivity and progress (thankfully), and much to do with grief as we watched our brothers and sisters throughout the world walk through fear and pain.’

Last week we celebrated Welta’s first words, Fleurimond’s first steps, and Jamesly’s first tooth poking through. We grieved heavily as we laid to rest a precious baby girl and braced for pain as we were honored to be entrusted with another for palliative care. If there is one thing that we cannot forget day by day in Haiti it is that life is fleeting, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Life, the simple essence of life, is daily celebrated, not because of what someone has acquired or accomplished, but the simple miracle of life itself. Death is no stranger to anyone, the loss of a loved one is mourned and accepted. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters… they move forward, they continue on in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. I am honored to be standing with the resilient GLA family during this time of unknown. Together we have watched and waited for the unseen enemy to arrive.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Thursday the inevitable happened and the global COVID 19 crisis officially reached Haiti. Its confirmation arrived slower than anticipated and we are thankful for the extra time that the general population had to become further educated on the truths of the virus and how to prevent the speed of its spread.

Here at GLA we had been preparing and on Friday set our isolation protocols into effect. There were other items we wished to have in place, but in our efforts to become a leaner organization with a greater impact we have not had sufficient resources to implement everything. Our NICU, nursery, and childcare department is effectively in lock-down. The staff that is here with us now will remain with us inside these walls indefinitely. We could not be more grateful for their sacrifice to care for and protect their little ones here, knowing it means being absent from their families outside these walls.

Our 24-hour security have a strict no-contact protocol and can safely do their job without entering the lock-down areas of our compound. A limited number of essential support staff will also come 3 half days a week or as needed and remain in the upper portion of the compound. Our conversations among local leadership have been “interesting” as we developed a feasible plan and we will periodically re-evaluate our protocol as we monitor the situation outside of our gates (and within).

I am thankful that ultimately, we are not in control and all we can do is to make the very best decisions possible with the choices we have. The rest is in God’s hands and there is peace in that.

Thank you for your faithful spiritual and financial support. You are the reason we are a refuge and safe haven to those who need us most. Thank you for being on the front lines with us! United with you in prayer, we ask for health and peace over you and your loved ones as you navigate this season.

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Molly Little

Executive Director God’s Littlest Angels – Haiti

Molly has worked in the nonprofit world for more than 17 years. Originally from Michigan, Molly moved to Haiti in 2002. She served as Director of Daily Operations for GLA’s children’s home for 14 years. In 2016 she and her husband Dave returned to the U.S. and founded Mountain High Marketing; an agency focused on helping nonprofits build better relationships to increase their positive impact. Molly is passionate about bringing people together to strengthen, support, and inspire change. Molly holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Liberty University.

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