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Thank you! We are so grateful for your sacrifice and generosity.

Because of you we have consistent, efficient, reliable electricity throughout the GLA campus! We have running water in the faucets, lights in the dead of the night, powered lifesaving medical equipment, working washing machines, internet to keep our programs running, videos to help break up the monotony of the kids’ days and give their caregivers a mini break, music on the radio, and a lightness of relief in our hearts for the way that electricity makes our lives easier, safer, and more impactful. THANK YOU!!! The new generator is in place. The big kids came up and inspected it. Smeralda was brave enough to come close to the giant blue gift of energy and to help me turn it on. She jumped back with a start when it roared to life, but then we all marveled at how quietly it runs in comparison to our previous machine.

The new fuel tank has been delivered and the filters will be here shortly. In the meantime we are using small metal tanks that we take to the local station every 3 days to refill with pure fuel. We are not taking any chances. The mechanic has also completed a rebuild, putting together one usable machine for back up from the two that were broken. The parts in this rebuild have thousands of hours on them already but using this rebuilt machine sparingly will hopefully enable us to have a backup when we need it. Everything takes time, and this season makes progress particularly slow. We still need to redo some wiring and install a new battery bank, but we are well on our way and we are so grateful to you for making that happen! Thank you!

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