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Navigating Transitions: Our Angels have endured many Transitions

Transitions are a part of life and can be incredibly challenging, especially for orphans dealing with trauma and upheaval at a young age – most of our Angels evacuated the only home they have ever known. The passing of Mother’s and Father’s Day reminds us of the unique struggles children without parental support face.

The instability of moving to a new location can be overwhelming. Children rely on a familiar environment, routines, and family for security and comfort. Disrupting these foundations creates many emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and confusion. The absence of parents intensifies these feelings, making it even more challenging for orphan children to adapt to the changes.

Although GLA had no option but to relocate, moving to a new environment meant leaving behind familiar things: playground, toys, and the feeling of “home.” Navigating and coping with this roller coaster of emotions seems insurmountable without a parent to help cope. Moving to a new “home” can also rekindle emotions associated with their parent’s absence, reopening emotional wounds.

Navigating transitions can be challenging, but at GLA, we are grateful for the support systems we have in place. From our faithful supporters to our GLA team in Haiti, everyone plays a vital role in helping our Angels navigate these transitions. Our team caters to our children’s needs and provides a nurturing environment to ease these challenges. We know growing up is hard, but transitions seems like a way of life in Haiti.

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